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Tiles for the garage

Flooring in garages - from private homes to car fleets - is a demanding task. The flooring in the garage must be hardwearing in the first place because metal must be handled all the time and tools or parts can fall onto the floor. Moreover, it should be as easy to clean as possible because it is constantly stained by all kinds of oils and technical fluids and most importantly be highly abrasion-resistant.

The floor is traditionally poured with concrete. Traditionally, concrete is poured on the floor, and although it is strong enough, it has a very high abrasion and moisture absorption capacity, and the floor in the garage quickly turns black, and the surface layer begins to get dusty. This is why you need an indelible floor in your garage. Conventional glazed tiles are no match for your garage: they clean up perfectly but are very fragile.

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ZEUS Omnia porcelain stoneware is the perfect solution for your garage floor. Techno Spessorato tiles are a special material for floors in garages, car parks and service stations. The tiles are manufactured using high-temperature technology and are pressed under immense pressure, which is why these tiles are so strong that they can even withstand heavy falling metal objects. This is why it is used in CHEVROLE, TOYOTA and FORD car showrooms and technical services, and is the best wear-resistant material, as well as being aesthetically beautiful. It is believed that the most durable floor in the garage is obtained with porcelain stoneware and durable tiles.

In terms of cleanliness, ceramic tiles for the garage do not absorb any oils, and in addition are immune to the action of various chemical reagents. After all, porcelain tiles in the garage is a chemically inert material. If you spill battery acid on your garage floor, there will be no stain. Any dirt from the floor, which is laid with porcelain stoneware for the garage, is washed clean with any detergent, and the thickness of 12 mmallows you to be resistant to abrasion for up to 30 years. Needless to say, it is also completely unaffected by water and spiked rubber. It is the most durable floor in the garage.
Garage tiles are specially certified for use in aggressive environments with a high abrasion frequency. This is why you can be certain that this flooring will last a long time in your garage.
Techno Spessorato porcelain tiles are commonly used as ceramic tiles for garage flooring - and the price for garage flooring is quite affordable. If you want a durable and beautiful floor in your garage, buy a specialist tile.


What to cover your garage floor with

Every home that is built up must have a floor covering. A garage is like a car's home. And you can't do without flooring. Well-made flooring is the key to comfort in the garage. A good coating will ensure cleanliness and prevent corrosion of metal parts of your car. In the past, the floor was simply poured concrete or covered with wooden boards, but now there are many new materials for flooring. Let's look at what to cover the floor in the garage in order, and which flooring is best to choose.

  1. Concrete flooring A.
  2. Concrete flooring B.

No matter what material you cover your floor with, the substrate is still concrete. You can cover this very strong base for your car with all kinds of materials. If you put concrete slabs on the floor when building your garage, you still need to put a concrete screed on top. To do this, place reinforcement mesh on the boards and fill the floor with concrete mortar. The thickness of the screed must be at least 50 mm and it must have a slope towards the gate. Concrete screed is very strong, but it has its disadvantages. Over time, the concrete rubs off and dusts. To get rid of this problem, the floors are coated with paint. There are many options on sale that are designed for this purpose.

Concrete floors must be painted at least once every six months because paint also has a tendency to wear off. Sometimes, for the best effect, the paint is applied to the undried screed. By soaking into the surface of the concrete, it creates a strong top coat.
Painting concrete is the easiest and cheapest option for a flooring solution. Those who have money can buy more expensive and better quality coatings.

  • Ceramic tile flooring.
  • Ceramic tiles.

One inexpensive option for covering concrete floors is ceramic tiles. Heavy-duty floor tiles are used for this work. Ceramic tiles should be laid on an even surface of concrete. Therefore, if the floor is uneven, it should first be levelled with a concrete screed and then tiles should be laid. To make the tiles look nice, they should be laid in rows. Using a spirit level, check the entire surface.
Tile flooring is a good solution for your garage. However, the weak point of such flooring is the fragility of tiles. If you drop a metal part of your car on the floor, the tiles may crack.

  1. Porcelain stoneware flooring.
  2. Porcelain stoneware.

As an analogue of ceramic tiles, ceramic granite can be used to cover the floor. This is a very strong and moisture-resistant material. It is not afraid of easy knocks and heavy loads. Porcelain tiles can be easily laid even by inexperienced people because of their large size. The main thing is to choose the pattern and level the flooring. Because of the great variety of colours and patterns, you can make beautiful and durable floors for your garage with these tiles.

  • Wood flooring A.
  • Wood flooring B.

This type of flooring was quite often used in old garages. Lay the beams across the garage at a distance of 50 cm. Take trim board not thinner than 20 mm and treat it with impregnation (if the garage will be in the minibus, you will need to buy a thicker board for the floor). Once dry, screw the board to the joists with self-tapping screws and paint it. Before painting, you can finish the floor surface with a floor sander. Some owners try to lay linoleum on the planks so that they don't have to paint them often. This is not recommended. It will be too slippery in winter.

Rubber flooring.

Rubber has proven itself very well as a coating for garage floors. This material is available in various designs. Rubber may be in rolls or squares, with special locks for joining. You can choose the thickness that suits you best: from 4 mm to 4 cm. A floor covered with rubber has excellent sound absorption and is virtually indestructible. A damaged square can easily be replaced with a new one. The rubber flooring is laid on a flat concrete surface.

Making a resurfaced floor in your garage.

One of the most modern coatings that experts prefer to use as flooring in garages and car parks is polymer filler flooring.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this coating?
  • Is it practical to use such a coating in the construction of a private garage?
Let's consider a polyurethane-based mixture as the most suitable for preparing a floor covering in a garage. An undoubted advantage of such a floor is its durability, resistance to wear and frost. Despite the apparent smoothness of the surface, selflevelling flooring is not slippery, which is especially important in winter when the garage is used to its maximum capacity. It is also an advantage that the floor can be poured in places that are difficult to access, such as near inspection pits and support posts.
The process of laying the floor is easy and does not require any special skills. The first step is to prepare the subfloor.
Preparation of the subfloor. As a rule, a concrete screed is chosen as a reliable base for a screed floor. Well, if the concrete screed has been created shortly before the planned pouring of the filler floor (ideal is 1 month before the filling), if the concrete base is older it is important to inspect for cracks and destruction, which should be sealed as soon as possible, otherwise in place of base damage, over time, will deepen filler floor.
It is important to treat the prepared substrate with a deep penetrating impregnation and primer to ensure quality adhesion of the self-leveling floor with a concrete screed, and it must also be done in advance about a day before the main work.
Add water to the mixture according to the enclosed instructions, and mix with a construction mixer or drill with a suitable attachment in a container of at least 20 litres, which should be enough to fill the floor in a medium-sized garage.

The resulting mixture is poured gradually, making rolling motions on the floor surface every 1-1.5 m with a special needle roller with pointed teeth, designed to remove air bubbles from the poured mixture, the presence of which may significantly reduce the quality of the finished floor.

All work should preferably be carried out at temperatures above zero to ensure a minimum level of humidity in the room. Also, a minimum level of humidity should be maintained for another 24 hours after work is completed - all doors and windows should be tightly closed, and no moisture should be in the room (buckets, water bottles, etc.).

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