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As part of the renovation program an apartment building was built at  district. The allocated for construction has good transport accessibility station.

The residential building consists of two 25-floor buildings, combined with a common stylobate part of the 1 st (ground) floor. For the convenience of the tenants there are entrances and exits from the ground level and from the level of the stylobate. One-level above-ground covered parking for 84 parking slots, including 7 slots for handicapped people is also envisaged.

Both buildings have similar architectural and planning solutions, but differ in the apartment mix. Total number of apartments in  buildings will amount to 235 units, including one wheelchair user's apartment. The apartments will have loggias with continuous stained glass glazing.

The house is designed with all the requirements for energy efficient buildings, which will allow tenants to avoid unnecessary costs for utilities. For the comfort of the tenants, there is also stiffened insulation of the windows of the apartments in the eastern facades of the buildings.

The color solution of the block is in the same style. Stylobate lined with ceramic granite panels in dark gray tones with a tonal spread. Non-residential premises and entrance groups are highlighted by stained-glass windows of full height. Each building has an individual architectural solution to the facades in light colors, preserving the integrity of the composition.

Adjacent to the house landscaped area is equipped with recreational areas and playgrounds for children of all ages.

Technical information:
  • - Site area according to GYZU: 5 321 sq.m.
  • - Building height: 79,040 ΠΌ
  • - Number of storeys in each building: 24 storeys
  • - The total area of apartments:
  •   Building I: 6 275,2 sq.m.
  •   Building II: 5 186 sq.m.
  • Number of apartments:
  • in building I: 102 apartments
  • in building II: 85 apartments
  • Total floor area of apartments in two buildings: 11,461.2 sq.m.
  • - Parking lot: 88 parking places

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Construction company Building Force provides quality construction services for repair of apartments, offices, cottage construction at the most favorable prices. We employ only highly qualified professionals who use the latest technology, equipment and materials in the repair or construction of residential and nonresidential premises.
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