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Linoleum used

Linoleum used for the experiments 

The linoleum used for the experiments was not the usual synthetic PVC linoleum, but natural linoleum. It is made from linseed and wood flour and has approximately the same composition as the first linoleum, patented by Englishman Frederick Walton in 1863.

Natural linoleum is more expensive, but, as the manufacturer assures us, it also lasts longer: it doesn't swell or fade in the sun. There is a special version that absorbs sound and is available in a large number of different textured colors like some tiles.

The floor was tested on a five-point scale. The seams left scratches on the surface, dents were not visible because of the texture, water was not a problem, but a vase fell on it and broke.

The second participant in the "wonder of technology" test was quartz vinyl tiles: they look like parquet, but are as flexible and moisture-resistant as linoleum, and as durable and wear-resistant as tile. Because they are easy to install, they require no underlayment or adhesive and can be laid directly over radiators. Quartz vinyl costs less than parquet.

However, this flooring did not prove to be the best in tests: sand scratched the tiles badly, and the marks left by a file were strong. Three star rating.

The innovative Bandit rug was the last product to be tested. It comes in a large number of colors and patterns, both in rolls and in tiles. The flooring is made up of many small nylon tufts, which number over 70 million per square meter, making it the densest carpet in the world. This material is extremely durable, does not rot, does not cause bacteria due to impregnation and is unaffected by sauces, oils or wine.

Sand can be easily washed away with clean water, and the soft floor has withstood sharp nails, even when a glass vase was dropped on it without damaging it. The only reason the innovative carpet didn't get the top rating was because it was too expensive 25 euros per square meter. The result is a four-star rating.

Show carpet, what it is and where it is used. All about this popular material. Building Force

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