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Garage Floor

Garage floor

One-component polyurethane enamel for concrete. Semi glossy. Cures with moisture of air. Important advantage: polyurethane paint can be applied at negative temperatures (from -30°C). After polymerization it forms a highly durable wear resistant hard elastic polymer with high chemical resistance.

Two-component polyurethane paint for asphalt and concrete. Semi-glossy. It is used indoors and outdoors. It has excellent decorative properties, it does not burn out under the influence of the sun rays. Forms a strong weatherproof, oil-and-gasoline-resistant and chemical-resistant surface. Can be applied at temperatures below zero.

Two-component polyurethane liquid floor. Glossy. It is used inside the premises. Possesses high elasticity, durability and excellent decorative properties (seamless floor). It is used for concrete, as well as metal and wooden substrates. Protects the substrate from intense mechanical and vibration loads.

Floors in garages and parking lots are subjected to constant intensive loads, destructive effects of alkalis, liquids, chemicals. Coatings require additional protection if they are to last a long time.
For garage floors our company produces special coatings based on epoxy and polyurethane. In the catalog of our products you can find tools for the organization of the concrete flooring in the garage, strengthening the existing surfaces.
Polsam products for garage surfaces.
Impregnations and coatings from "Polsam" series protect the floor from acids, alkalis, harden the surface, protect it from dust. A number of compositions involves application in the cold season.
The above products service allow the treatment of an even floor. If the surface requires pre-levelling, you can use one of the following methods (arrangement of screeds is not required):
- the concrete surface is treated with special polymer compositions, in which quartz sand is added; - the floor is leveled using grinders, which can eliminate small ripples, but not large differences; - eliminates irregularities up to 2-3 cm, allows you to apply notches to achieve an anti-slip effect.
If the defects of the floor are too big, you can make a concrete pour and arrange a new screed. We offer screeds with increased strength (4 cm and above) and polymer-cement screeds
 (1.5 cm).

Additional measures in the organization of garage floors.


In ramp areas, high wear resistance and traction must be ensured. The optimal solution is milling and deep impregnation. An alternative is a painted polyurethane or epoxy coating with quartz sand.
When organizing a concrete floor covering, cracks are eliminated by puttying. The result is a monolithic and airtight coating. If the joints are wide, their size is additionally resized.
Marking is carried out with the use of colored enamel on the basis of polyurethane.

How to choose a coating for the garage floor?

Polyurethane-based impregnation is one of the most economical formats for protecting the floors of parking lots, parking lots. The technology makes the surface wear-resistant and durable. Markings can be applied to enhance visual appeal. If the traffic in the parking lot is high-intensity, an impregnating compound of intensive penetration is used.

How to reduce the cost of organizing the floor in the garage?

Different types of coatings can be applied to areas with different loads:

Parking areas - ordinary polyurethane coating; Permanent traffic areas - compositions with sand (0,3-0,4 cm); Passages - compositions with sand (0,1-0,2 cm).
Advantages  products when arranging floors in garages.
Work on the arrangement of the floor can be carried out at low temperatures (from minus 30 degrees); It is allowed to harden concrete compositions of M-100 and below; Terms of work are reduced to 306 hours due to drying on layers; After 24 hours on the floor can walk. Full operation possible after 3 days; For the filling used inexpensive equipment, technology of filling the floor is simple and inexpensive.
Polyurethane coatings of our production have high durability, which is more than 5-10 times higher than similar parameters of other products. Service life of the coating increases by 3-6 times. The floor in the garage is hygienic, easy to clean, has no scratches, which accumulate excessive dirt.
Elasticity of compositions increases the viscosity of the surface and resistance to dynamic loads. Vibration, shock, heavy traffic such a floor is not afraid of. Impregnations "Polsam" penetrate into the structure of concrete to a depth of 0.5 cm, strengthening the top layer up to and more.

How you can make an infused floor for your garage

Those who have their own separate room for creativity or storage of certain trinkets always strive to make it as best and neater as possible. This is how the owners of the so-called storage for the car prefer to ennoble this construction through such actions as:
  • conducting lighting;
  • painting the walls
  • and ceiling; equipping the room with all the necessary tools for working with the car; laying a poured floor for the garage.
It is worth noting that the poured floor for the garage in  is not just an inexpensive coating option, but also a great option for the surface, as:
this material is considered particularly durable, which means that under the weight of the car it will not crack; for laying will not require much money, since the price of the material is not so high; such coatings are considered resistant to fires and ignitions, which means that the property will be safe; the use of this material provides an opportunity to forget forever about what are cracks in the floor, uneven surface or too rapid accumulation of dust, since the monolithic polymer plate that becomes your floor is absolutely smooth and has no traction with dirt; pr
Poured flooring for the garage is a great opportunity not only to improve the appearance of the room, but also to strengthen it at the base, as well as protect it from the entry of water from under the foundation. Sometimes you need to install a coating that will not be slippery, in which case you need to pay attention to the filler rubber floor. Its characteristics are an order of magnitude higher than that of the classic concrete coating.

How to put an inexpensive pouring floor in for the garage.

Company is not the first year of work with the repair of the premises and, of course, with the sale of materials for this repair. That is why you can safely contact us and do not worry about quality. Our employees are laying polymer coating in the fastest time and at the highest level, since they all have professional skills and extensive experience.
In order to buy a garage floor filler for do-it-yourself work, you can visit our online store and browse sim
ilar products and prices accordingly. Those who need advice, can get it from our experts in the service center. In a word, we value our clients and try to please each of them, that means that you will not be left without attention and help if you need it. You can also apply to us for services through the Internet, and there you can order the delivery of purchased goods to your home, as it is not convenient to bring building materials on your own.

So, after considering some flooring options for the garage, you need to make a choice. Someone is chasing quality, and someone wants to save money. But remember that the miser pays twice. Asking the question, what floor is better in the garage, the answer should be one: durable, non-corrosive and with a long service life. Well, you have to choose on your money.

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