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Buildingforce company builds not just housing, but entire cities for comfortable life of their residents. A favorite "brainchild" of the company is the residential complex . It is the first construct with full complex of engineering and social infrastructure.

What does it mean? The fact that the apartments of residents of Residential Complex have high-quality heating, water supply, sewerage, electricity. And around the house all for comfortable living and recreation: a neat yard, playgrounds, kindergarten and school. And what is important, on the territory is absolutely safe, because there are both own security structures and police station.

The company was founded by Jack Rosenbraix in 1999.
The managing owner Jack Rosenbraix, a member of the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Builders.
For 41 years Jack has successfully worked in the sphere of construction and mine building. 
The Buildingforce Company has impeccable reputation. The company's projects are unique and known for their high quality implementation.
The company has a license for construction works and construction activities, namely:
  • search for land plots;
  • registration of the right to land use;
  • determination of the most effective option for the intended use of land plots;
  • designing;
  • construction;
  • renovation;
  • and more.

Can develop and enjoy life without wasting energy on solving everyday problems!!!

About Us

Construction company Building Force provides quality construction services for repair of apartments, offices, cottage construction at the most favorable prices. We employ only highly qualified professionals who use the latest technology, equipment and materials in the repair or construction of residential and nonresidential premises.
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